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Libertas, P.C. was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  While we are headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we handle cases in other parts of the country where the distance will not negatively impact our ability to provide excellent legal representation.


We also provide consulting services for attorneys handling pro bono cases, including strategic advice for the retention of experts, preparation for hearings, and review of legal briefs.  

We take a limited number of cases so that we are able to provide a level of assistance to our clients that exceeds the typical attorney-client relationship.  We will work with clients to navigate social services and community organizations to find housing, address mental and physical health needs, and to generally cope with any difficulties experienced as their cases progress.


We take pride in ensuring that our clients understand the process they are involved in, whether it be removal proceedings, criminal cases, or civil suits.  A frank appraisal of the merits of a clients case and likelihood of success is important at all times, and removes some of the fear and uncertainty from court appearances.  We provide interpreters for clients for whom English is a second language for this reason, at no cost to our clients.