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Pro Bono representation

for public interest cases.

Libertas is a small 501(c)(3) organization specializing in asylum, constitutional challenges, and other rights-based litigation.  We handle cases on a pro bono basis, receiving our operating funds from grants, donations, and sponsorships.  Most of our clients are refugees seeking asylum in the United States within the immigration system.  We represent clients who have been persecuted, or who fear persecution, based on political opinion, religion, race, or membership in social groups such as individuals who are LGBTI, HIV positive, or who belong to a persecuted ethnic or cultural minority.  We have past and present clients from Africa, Asia, Mexico, and Central and South America.  


In recent months, Libertas has expanded its practice areas to include cases of rights or liberties violations under state or federal law.  We have taken civil and criminal cases, representing both defendants and plaintiffs, in which local, state, or federal government officials have violated individual rights or freedoms under color of law.  We take a limited number of cases due to our size but will review any requests for assistance that we receive.  

Support from others is how we are able to represent clients for free to seek or enforce their rights. Please consider sponsoring one of our clients!

If you are an attorney and would like to learn how to represent asylum seekers, or would like strategic assistance with a case, please contact us.

Our mission is simple: to help individuals who are seeking to enforce their rights to navigate our often confusing legal system on a pro bono basis.